M-EDG's Florida-Israel Biomedical Initiative
U.S. Commercialization for Israel's Biomedical Products

The FL-IBI provides a very well-suited marketing and distribution vehicle for the U.S. commercialization of Israel?omedical devices and products.*  The main benefits to the Israeli biomedical companies seeking U.S. distribution relates to M-EDG??Equity-based Business Model
?an>,  which provides significant equity/ownership rather than simply a royalty under a conventional licensing agreement.

The main benefits to the Israeli companies and their owners are:

  • Significantly greater participation in successful U.S. commercialization

  • From 20 to 30 times greater ROI for equity interests in Israeli biomedical companies

  • Post-commercialization Israeli majority-ownership potential

  • Increased U.S. recognition of Israel?eeminent biomedical product development expertise.

*  , the parent of the Florida--Israel Biomedical Initiative, possesses well over 200 man-years of hands-on and senior management responsibility for these dozen-plus functional areas.


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that were developed by and in the nation of Israel.

Israel 101 is produced by Stand With Us, and provides an excellent introduction and historical perspective to many of the issues facing Israel and the world.
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