Our Experience and Accomplishments

A track record of successful experience, accomplishments, and innovations are important to consider as indicators and predictors of the success of future products, technologies, and companies that will be developed, launched and managed by M-EDG.

Among the Accomplishments of M-EDG좾s Management:

  • Founded and managed a healthcare company which experienced
    the highest one-year appreciation in stock value of any publicly-traded
    company listed on the NYSE, AMEX or NASDAQ stock exchanges over
    the past 20 years (1994; source: Bloomberg Index search).
  • Founded and managed a healthcare company which was recognized as
    the most successful post ⬡ck Mondayਏct 19, 1987) Initial Public Offering
    (source: Grant Thornton LLC).
  • Senior management experience (President/CEO/COO) of numerous biotech, medical device, technology, biomedical and pharmaceutical firms.
  • Successfully launched healthcare products totaling well over $1 billion in sales.

    Among the Marketing Achievements of M-EDG좾s Management:

  • Developed highest rated overall marketing program (direct mail, advertising, selling aids, medical education publications, etc.) to surgeons of any company in healthcare industry. (Cortland Group survey).
  • Conceived and developed highest-rated antibiotic promotional campaign ever tested by Palshaw Testing (industry standard measurement) out of 119 previously-tested campaigns over prior 15 year timeframe.
  • Managed �t successful͊ product in the U.S. pharmaceutical industry (highest market share:  source: IMS-America).
  • Launched first pharmaceutical product in the U.S. healthcare industry that incorporated ᤯ption-process Categories௦ target market (from 䩦fusion of innovations頩nto all major elements of the marketing and promotional mix.